Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Zuhl Museum

Gah! This small museum at New Mexico State University houses the worlds largest collection of petrified wood, and many other wonders! I had no idea that...

  • Cathedral geodes could be six feet tall
  • Completely three dimensional crab fossils from 50M years ago even existed
  • Ammonites could UNCURL
  • Fossilized ammonites sometimes get a different mineral crystallizing in each chamber of their shell (??!!??)
  • Oviraptors arranged the eggs in their nests so neatly
Total side note: Some exhibits are outside, which gave me a chance to examine New Mexico ants. They are tiny, a sort of orange color, darker toward the front, and more yellow toward their creepy translucent abdoment. They also run insanely fast. If they were humans they would be running at 150 mph. I wonder what their stride pattern is, and how frequently their legs move? Not to mention this. It has nothing to do with the museum... or does it? Seeing so many wonders made me appreciate even the nearby ants. 

Anyway -- it's an incredibly cool place to visit if you ever find yourself in Las Cruces. 

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