Saturday, May 9, 2015

Feelin' Groovy

For a single day, the Heinz History Center turned into more of a "Hipster-y Center" as they had a Vintage Fair. I found a bunch of cool LPs, and also an amazing 8-Track player that I'll probably talk about another day, as soon as I can find some 8-Tracks that still work. I was very excited to have found an LP of Feelin' Groovy by Harper's Bizarre. This band fascinates me with their weird 30's / 60's sound. Randy Newman helped write the songs, and plays some piano on here too, and it really shows, especially in songs like Debutante's Ball. I also love the simple innocence of Raspberry Rug. But in my opinion, this album saves the best for last, with Simon Smith and his Amazing Dancing Bear, which more or less sums up my life... though I can never tell if I'm Simon or the bear. Jim Henson felt the same way, I think.

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