Sunday, January 24, 2010

FAQ About Time Travel

Kyle Gabler recommended this movie to me -- I am pretty sure that he and I are destined to discover the secrets of time travel. If you read this blog with any regularity you are well aware that I am obligated to watch all time travel movies for some reason I do not understand, but it has to do with some kind of future destiny, etc. This was definitely one of the more entertaining TT films I've seen. It was not easy for me to acquire it -- I could only find it on, and then when I got it, I realized that I needed a region-free DVD player to watch it! So, since destiny insisted, I got one. While the movie was fun, its time travel notions, particularly regarding memory, were somewhat disappointing. But "nerds vs. imagineers" certainly makes up for that!

In other news, I think I have figured out time travel, partly inspired by this film... there's a lot to explain, but it is a combination of relative timestreams, antimatter, planck distance, and parallel universes. Simple!


  1. As someone at least equally bound by fate to be involved with all things to do with time travel, I can't wait for you to post your explanation!


  2. Ha -- I'll get to it sometime. It's kind of disappointing, because it resolves all the paradoxes involving time travel. It's so obvious, I'm not sure why I haven't heard anyone talk about it. There are a couple kinks involving parallel universes and contiguous timestreams I'm still trying to work out. Anyway, I guess when I finish it, I should post about it!