Saturday, January 17, 2009

Livin' the Tamagotchi Life

This is a weird board game we've had in the house for a while. At first, I figured it would be a familiar game structure overlaid with some Tamagotchi theming, but it has several unique elements. It breaks the mold of the typical board game in several ways -- the way you can move around the board so freely, the complicated set of minigame goals, the way your character transforms over the course of the game, and most of all the electronic gizmo, which is basically a Pop-o-matic from the future. It made me wonder who designed it -- to my surprise, it was Ideo -- which explains why the game is so unusual, I think.

We had to soften the rules a bit -- there are a lot of ways to lose points, and effectively "die", which might be okay for older kids, but which can be painful for younger ones (it also can make the game really long).

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