Saturday, January 17, 2009

Boom Blox

I really want to like Boom Blox. And, as a strict puzzly kind of game, I do like it. The interface is very clever, and the physics is fun, and the challenges are well constructed. The problem is that, somehow, it just doesn't draw me in. Maybe if it had a story of some kind, I might care a little more? Two other things that drive me away from it -- the sheer number of puzzles feels daunting -- I get the sense that I'll never, ever have the time, patience, or ability to finish. Secondly, the game makes such a big deal about whether you finished "perfectly" or not. Some levels are hard (or maybe impossible?) to finish perfectly, leaving me with one of two feelings: either tarnished by imperfection, or bored with the painful and frustrating task of trying to "perfect" a level. I wonder if it is just me?

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