Sunday, January 18, 2009

Levenger Matchbook Notebooks

As part of reorganizing my life, I am writing down everything little thing that I want or need to do as soon as I think of it. That sounds easy, but what if there isn't a pad handy? I always keep paper in my wallet and a pen on my keychain when I'm out, but at home, in the middle of something (brushing teeth, washing dishes, watching tv, etc.) it is easy to say, "oh, I'll write it down later", which in my case means I'll probably forget. But not anymore. I've hidden these little notepads complete with pencils in every room of my house, so I always, always, always have one handy.

Yes, my family thinks I'm crazy.

Update: Argh! Levenger no longer sells them! If you know where I can find new ones, let me know!

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