Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Street Angel

I should have finished reading this awhile ago -- I'm so glad I finally did! Street Angel (volume one: The Princess of Poverty) is a collection of the amazing Street Angel comics that Jim Rugg and Brian Maruca put out through SLG. Street Angel is not like any comic I've seen before -- it manages to combine action, parody, grit, and poignancy in a way that is original and new. If you can imagine a seamless blend of the Power Puff Girls, the Tick, Sin City, and Kill Bill, you might start to get the idea.

It would make an amazing movie, and probably a better TV show, but what media outlet is ready to produce a show where a city's superhero is a murderous twelve year-old skater girl who is homeless and smokes cigarettes? Okay, I guess Adult Swim could do it. Hey, Adult Swim! Pick up Street Angel! And make it a big success, so I can get the videogame deal -- because the videogame would be AWESOME.

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