Monday, July 19, 2010

Great Games for Big Activity Balls

The mighty powers of Todd Strong and Bernie DeKoven unite! And they made this really fun book for phys ed teachers about games and activities you can play with giant balls. It's a great book with practical advice about obtaining and maintaining giant balls as well as deciding which ones to get and why. It's full of great games, and each is described taking into account the psychology of kids -- what games are best to start with, when the kids are all excited just to experiment with the balls -- which games are most likely to lead to hurt feelings, and how to handle that. And they are very mindful of safety considerations, as well.  If you want to play games with giant balls (and who doesn't -- they're super fun!) this is the authoritative book on the topic.

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  1. Glad you liked the book, Jesse. For me, the contribution this book makes goes far beyond the games - to giving kids the permission and support they need to create their own games. A weird thing, like a big ball, is a perfect invitation to invention. As you so rightly point out, invention is best pursued in a safe environment, once the kids have experienced not only the fun of the big ball, but also their abilities to keep it fun.