Thursday, March 25, 2010


I was directed to this book by Lisa Brown, who did an illustration for it. It's a fun collection of 101 word stories. The author, Brendan Atkins, has made it a hobby to produce one of these each day. It took me a while to get around to finishing this book -- because the stories are so very short, it requires rather a lot of attention and mental energy to keep switching stories. But, once you get enough momentum, it's hard to stop reading them. Some were serious, some were silly, most were surreal and dreamlike. I enjoyed the ones that took sudden turns the most, such as this one:
"Do you have any ketchup?" asks Daisy politely.
"Not yet," says Chester, "But we will -- after I open a portal to the Ketchup Dimension!"
Chester selects a bottle of Red Gold Extra Fancy from the millions suddenly floating around them. "Anything else?" he asks.
"Well," she says, "Maybe a pony?"
"No problem. Pony Dimension!" ZAP!
"I want one named Lightning," says Daisy.
"They're all named Lightning," Chester assures her.
"Could we maybe," says Daisy shyly, "I mean... is there a Fun Dimension?"
"Why don't we find out," smiles Chester, "together?"
But actually the Fun Dimension is full of Nazis!
Oh... and ommatidia is the plural of ommatidium. I'm sure that makes sense here, in some clever way.

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