Sunday, March 28, 2010

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Movie

My daughter read and reveled in all three books of the Wimpy Kid series, and so she was quite interested to see the movie. I was interested, too, since what distinguishes the books is that the main character, Greg Heffley is an irredeemable jerk. It seemed difficult to me to find a way to translate this to the screen in a way that wouldn't alienate the viewer. And in fact, they clearly had to work hard to make it happen -- a new character, "Angie" is added, who serves as a kind of "wise man in the cave", or a sort of conscience for Greg. And some events were altered just enough for Greg to be redeemed. All in all, it was a good adaptation. And, wow, some of it recalled parts of middle school that I'd sooner forget. Hey, "Rowley", what do you think?

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