Sunday, March 21, 2010

GDC 2010

Man, I'm getting old! I just realized this is my fifteenth GDC! Anyway, it was awesome, as usual. I wish I got to see more talks -- but I had to spend most of my time in meetings. That might sound boring but these were, with few exceptions, awesome meetings. There are things going on in the world of gaming that boggle my mind. I got to give two talks, one a talk about how to design for parents and kids playing together online, and also a microtalk, that was a followup to my DICE talk. I'm hoping that when the GDC Vault opens, I can post video and audio content. For now, you can get my slides at slideshare. It was weird being so well known this time. One of my talks was SRO, which just made me nervous! Hopefully I can fade back into obscurity soon!

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