Saturday, February 20, 2010

Grave Writer

This was the January book for SNIB (the Schell Games Non-Intellectual Book CLUB). I don't normally read mystery thrillers, so this was something different for me. At first I couldn't figure out why Matt picked it -- then I learned he is friends with the author! Anyway, I was really torn about this book -- I really liked the characters, and I really liked some of the scenes. But I was very disappointed about how it all hung together -- a lot of stuff happened that was kind of pointless in regard to the plot. But, later, in our SNIB discussion, it was pointed out that this was the first book of a series, and so, some of those "pointless" things are likely parts of longer story and character arcs. Anyway, it was good fun, though parts of it stretched credibility. I'm kind of curious to read the sequels...

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