Saturday, February 20, 2010


Oh man! I loved Street Angel, and I have long followed the bits and pieces of Afrodisiac that Jim and Brian have concocted -- and this collection of Afrodisiac stories is amazing! If you haven't seen the character before, it is a hilarious blaxploitation spoof, that is always clever, and manages to be funny and suggestive without being graphic. Afrodisiac is basically a superhero pimp -- and what is really interesting about this book is the post-modern way the stories are presented. You just get fragments of comic books, so there is no real continuity, but just loose threads. It gives the feeling that you are in a friend's attic, leafing through his comic collection, and reading a story here and there. This allows a lot to be left to the imagination, and makes the whole thing so much more fun. These guys are going to be wickedly famous one day -- get a copy of the book now, so you can say you read it before everyone else did!

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