Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Lost Skeleton of Cadavra

A birthday present from the D. Roses, I finally was able to watch it. It is a tremendously fun and silly movie. It's not as funny as it would like to be, and runs kind of slow -- but it makes up for all that in charm, I think. I was really afraid they would put all kinds of adult humor in for shock value, but the whole thing was very tasteful and quaint. I really liked the way they didn't just rip off some old storyline (like Lobsterman from Mars did), but concocted a mix of several -- a magic skeleton, an escaped mutant, aliens in disguise, and animals transformed into people. And they all come together to culminate in my favorite line from the film: "Animala, prepare the alien woman to be the skeleton's bride!" Anyway, if you like bad fifties horror movies, this is a fine valentine to them.

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