Saturday, July 18, 2009


An interesting block dropper. It has two modes: one is a lot like puzzle fighter, but the other, more single player, is something else again. In it, you hold the DS like a book, and play collapse on the left screen, and everytime you collapse a set of six or more blocks (I think it's six), a set of blocks falls down on the right screen. Blocks on the right screen disappear when you complete a line, a la Tetris, and you lose if either screen fills past the top. Having to pay attention to the two interconnected screens was definitely novel, and kind of interesting. I felt like it was a bridge too far that I also had to pay attention to the shape of the next set of blocks that were falling, but I can see why they made that choice. It's got a story and stuff, but I'm not sure why... I felt like all the evil, smack-talking stuffed animals it features probably serve to alienate most of the female audience, which seems like a risky move for a puzzle game. I would have liked this better as a $5 or $10 DSiware game, and I bet it would have sold more copies that way. But who can say?

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