Saturday, July 11, 2009

Cranium Conga

These Cranium guys sure have a racket going! Novel games under a well-known brand -- and most of the games are pretty good! This one is no exception -- yet another modified version of pictionary/charades, this works great for kids and families, because you are trying to guess something about one of the other players, like "How many hot dogs can I eat in one sitting?" Combine that with a novel mechanism -- a magna-doodle type thing where you write your answer, and a built in electronic musical timer, and you've got something kids really like. Oh! And a novel game mechanic, too! If someone guesses your answer, they get points, but if no one does everyone gets points but you! The incentives are very much designed to make you want to help people guess your answer. It's simple and silly, and focuses on fun over competition. Hard to play without laughing!

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