Saturday, July 18, 2009

Charles Schulz Museum

I was excited to go here, having been a Peanuts fan my whole life. I spent so much time when I was a kid, lying on my stomach on that itchy living room rug in front of the fireplace, reading my father's collections of Peanuts comics. I loved that they were kids who thought and felt like I did. I didn't always understand what they were talking about, but I sure wanted to! Anyway, the museum is absolutely gorgeous, full of interesting tributes and examinations of Schulz and his work. It's a little dry for kids, I think, but that's a hard thing to remedy. My daughter was most excited to see the "Snoopy's Home Ice" skating rink which is adjacent, and which was a wonderful rink, with a charming cafe. For me, the most powerful moment was to be in the room where they have recreated Schulz's office, and to see the desk that he worked at for all those years. To think how the thousands of images of those characters that I've seen in my life were all drawn by one man at that one desk with a nib pen was almost difficult to comprehend, and made me feel the power that one person can have, if they focus all their energy on creating something that expresses how they really feel.

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