Saturday, May 23, 2009

GDC 2009

GDC was pretty cool this year. I got to keynote the Games Education Summit, and people seemed to like that pretty well. Got to hang with the Kyles and Shalin, and that's always cool. Everyone was talking about Onlive (which is madness) and about Zynga (which is not). Also got to visit my sister, which is always nice. I rented a convertible and pretended I was important. Scott Landsman took me to Chinatown, and I bought a hat.


  1. Jesse -
    have you come across any blogs, forums or online bookgroups that are discussing your book? I've loved reading it and would be really interested to discuss it with other readers.


  2. Hi Dan-

    I haven't seen anything like that, though I've heard of some companies having offline discussion groups. I've thought about the idea of adding a forum to, but that opens a bunch of monitoring and maintenance issues that I wasn't sure were worth it. And it would look pretty sad if no one used it! Anyway, if we do ever start a forum, I'll let you know -- and if you start one, I'll surely spread the word!