Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Boring Store

This is one of the wonderful shops / tutoring centers created by 826. I stopped by this one when I was in Chicago working on a cool project for the Chicago public library (I'll tell all about that when it is finished). I want to visit all the 826 shops! It was incredibly inspirational -- the people who work there really care, and the shops are so fun! See, the Boring Store is really a shop full of stuff for spies! It has all sorts of cool novelty items, gadgets, and disguises. The money from the store in front helps fund the tutoring center in back.

We have to get an 826 in Pittsburgh! The south side was *made* for it! If only I knew a storefront under a game studio with enough room for... hey!!!

In case you want to read all that text on there, you can see it here.

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