Saturday, April 25, 2015


I know I'm late writing about this, but I thought I would finally get around to it. It's fascinating that this movie is as popular as it is. I'm not sure I understand why, exactly. The fantasy of ice magic is fun, and there are a lot of exciting and funny moments, and then on top of that it has a very interesting message. It doesn't exactly follow the mold of a normal fairy tale, but then again, it does. What I find most interesting is that everyone I talk to seems to have a different way of expressing what the movie is really about. So, here's my take on the theme of the film: We all have terrible things inside us. Repressing them is ultimately impossible. Letting them out, especially after they are bottled up, leads to disaster. However, tempering them with love can be peaceful, beautiful, and powerful. An unusual message for a fairy tale! That's my interpretation, anyway. It's a sign of a powerful story that many people find many different meanings in it. Oh, and Josh Gad was really funny, and Kristen Bell's performance was excellent and overlooked.

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