Saturday, April 3, 2010

Rock U University Spring 2010 Concert

This was awesome. Kids ages 9-16 bringing it at the Hard Rock. We went because one of our neighbors was playing (Sam, age 9, playing guitar for The Flaming Potato Ninjas), and it was totally fun. As I sat listening, I started to think about this awesome article. And I realized, that until now, I've never really understood rock music. I mean, the process of making it. And how the point really is that you need to let the subconscious mind, and the right brain, do their work. It made me think how rock bands almost never have more than four members, just like my BVW groups. Then I got to thinking how my band has sixty people in it... but the rocking never seems to happen in groups larger than four.

In other words, I need to start coding again.

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  1. Hello Jesse,

    I knew from you throught the talk you gave at dice about "beyond facebook", that I think was absolutely impressive. eventually landed here, and finally readed about your interest for time travel movies, which I share.

    and that's the reason Im writing here now (sorry for the offtopic). I want to recommend you a 'G'reat spanish time travel movie: "Los cronocrímenes" (2007), which translate to "Timecrimes" (in fact, that's the name of the remake hollywood is doing

    you will have to read subtitles, but Im pretty confident you will love it.

    wish you the best, Gonzalo Diaz.