Monday, April 19, 2010

Little Creatures

It might seem strange, but this was the first Talking Heads album I bought. They were somewhat in decline at this point, but it was 1985, when I was fifteen. When they were all cool and new in 1977, I was only seven years old. It was a big deal to me, this was some of the first "serious" music I ever bought. I remember being incredibly disappointed when I first listened to the album, in the attic of the house on Perkins Street. The songs just didn't grab me, or move me the way I hoped they would. (Not too surprising -- these are apparently the songs that didn't make it into their True Stories movie soundtrack.) However, I was quite surprised when I found them growing on me, and by the fourth time I listened to the album, I was really into it. It's funny the effect remembering music has on us. Every time I listen to this, I'm back in that cozy warm attic with the yellow wallpaper, hacking away on my Atari 800XL. I've never again had so serene a retreat. I know I feel a pull to start coding again... I wonder if that's why I pulled out this old album?

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  1. I love "Road to Nowhere"! It was on the Fred Savage movie "Little Monsters".... also, there's a cool alternate version on the expanded CD release.

    Hey I had an Atari 800XL too!