Saturday, July 16, 2011

Doctor Who #2: The Daleks

The Daleks are the best known enemy on the show, and it is quite interesting that they were defined so early in the show -- the second story! I have heard many recaps and explanations of the origin of the Daleks -- but it was meaningful to see it actually take place. This is a seven episode story, so kind of long. My main reaction to this whole thing was an unexpected one -- pity for the Daleks. They are horribly mutated from their nuclear war with the Thals, and have survived by building prosthetics for themselves, and a city that is totally wheelchair accessible. To power their, uh, wheelchairs? the city has metal floors everywhere that they draw power from. So... everyone jokes that the Daleks can't deal with stairs, but that is not an oversight. They are well aware that they cannot leave the artificial world of ramps and elevators they have created. So... I know I'm supposed to hate them, but they are kind of underdogs, compared to the Thals, who somehow got through a nuclear war coming out six feet tall and blonde. Weirdly, the Daleks (formerly Dals) were once a nation of poets and philosophers, but war with the Thals somehow changed that. And if the Daleks, hovering on the edge of survival, didn't have it bad enough, the Doctor and his friends show up, and mercilessly murder them all. 

No wonder the Daleks are so pissed all the time. 

Quotes and Notes:
  • Timelords eat. 
  • The TARDIS has a machine that makes food and water when the Doctor enters certain codes. The food is some kind of futuristic candy bar that can taste like anything.
  • The Doctor sabotages the TARDIS, endangering everyone.
  • "We need drugs." Really? Anti-radiation drugs are all you need to deal with severe radiation?
  • Barbara falls for one of the Thals. It is peculiar how quickly she and Ian have adapted to this strange situation, and how little they seem interested in going home. 
  • There are "21 different holes" in the Tardis lock -- use the wrong one, and the lock fuses shut. 
  • Dilating Dalek eyes are cool. 
  • Radiation makes the Daleks stronger... they are just figuring this out now?
  • Why is the Dalek city so complicated?
  • "This is no time for morals." 
  • There are glowing lakes full of mutated creatures behind the Dalek city. Cool.
  • That whirlpool was f'ing huge. 
  • Barbara does not have appropriate footwear for a death swamp. 
  • The Doctor's binocular glasses are the coolest. 
  • Barbara's bad knot tying skills almost kill her bf.
  • The doctor discovers the Dalek city is powered by "Single Cable Static Electricity" and he plans to short out the city using the TARDIS key as a conductor. "I could always make another one."
  • The Thals are terrible rock climbers.
  • "No doubt you have other wars to fight."
  • "I was once [a pioneer] among my own people."
  • "Always search for truth. Mine is in the stars."
  • "Maybe I'll visit your grandchildren."
I'm so glad I'm watching these early episodes -- they put a new light on everything. 

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  1. We got some of these on NJN years back. Looking forward to your continued reviews. The old series slower pacing allowed for details of the places they visited that the new one lacks. Keep up the good work.