Monday, June 29, 2009


Knoebel's is an absolutely magical place. I was there twenty-five years ago, and was astonished to find it had a carousel where you could grab for a ring -- just iron ones, no brass ones, but still. On whim, I took the family there recently, expecting it to be greatly changed -- and I was shocked to find it was exactly the same! Even the carousel still let you grab rings but now, they put a brass one in the with the iron ones, and I ACTUALLY GRABBED THE BRASS ONE on my first try! It felt like some kind of weird destiny. Vortices of temporal waves were swirling around that moment, I could feel it.

It really is a beautiful park, well-kept and the quaintest I have ever seen -- it really is like travelling back in time. I can't wait to go back to see the Flying Turns coaster, when it is complete -- a coaster with NO TRACK -- more like a crazy bobsled. It's based on some ancient design, and the workmen on it looked more like boatwrights than anything else. Well worth the trip!

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