Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The Marriage

This is, by far, the most successful attempt I have ever seen to create a piece of art through the medium of the videogame. I've heard people talk about it for a couple of years, but I finally got around to playing it. What fascinated me was how quickly I found myself telling the story of what was happening to the squares -- how I could quickly come with explanations for exactly what was happening... "her neediness is smothering him", "she has become so large, it is hard for him to find her boundaries", "he is ignoring her, and it is killing her". I would imagine each green disk as a project at work, or a hobby, or an affair, and each black disk as the death of a friend, or some other personal tragedy. Rod Humble has made a major achievement with this game. I wonder if it is possible for this to be genre, in any meaningful way, or can it be that he just found a magic combination of story and interaction that cannot easily translate to other meaningful stories?

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