Saturday, September 27, 2008

ICEC 2008

The ICEC (International Conference on Entertainment Computing) finished up today. It was a really great event! A great mix of academia and industry in a very intimate, educational conference. And we had Ed Catmull there! His talk was wonderful -- he talked quite a bit about the clash between Disney culture and Pixar culture, and how it was being resolved. I was fortunate enough to sit at the same table with both Ed and Anthony Daniels for lunch on Friday, as they chatted about various Hollywood business. I tried hard not to be a drooling fanboy -- but it was hard -- Ed Catmull is my studio management hero! This was an exhausting week, but the conference really did a lot to get me thinking about a lot of things. I got to spend some time playing TRINO, which is a project from an ETC silicon valley team. It's such a clever mechanic, and they keep making it better! I predict it will win something at the IGF this year!

Next year's ICEC is in Paris... hmm...!

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