Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Journal of a Novel

Steinbeck is my favorite author, and East of Eden is my favorite novel. So, naturally, I was very interested in reading this diary he kept while writing it. Actually, I started reading this years ago, when I started writing The Art of Game Design. I hoped this might give me some insight to the process of book-writing, and what it gave me was unexpected confidence. As experienced as Steinbeck was when he wrote East of Eden, this diary makes clear he spent much of it terrified and uncertain. I only had to read half of this, and it gave me the confidence that I could face my fears and get the job done. And I guess I did! So, I figured I better finish reading this. It was wonderful to spend time with Steinbeck in his writing room, with his twelve sharpened pencils, and the box he lovingly handcrafted to hold the manuscript pages.

I wonder if I'll ever write another book?


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  2. You have to write more Jessie or the descendants will never forgive you that :)!