Thursday, December 4, 2014

The Great Rupert

Somehow, my daughter developed a fascination with Jimmy Durante. What 14 year old girl goes around the house imitating Durante? What 14 year old girl even knows who Jimmy Durante is? So, anyway, we've had this DVD around forever... I can't even remember where it came from... so we decided to watch it. I must admit, it is somewhat mind blowing. This poster doesn't really tell the story... it implies that Durante is the Great Rupert... but the story is much stranger than that. See the tiny line of text above the movie title? Look closer. It reads "George Pal Productions." Yes... that George Pal -- the creator of Gumby, and keeper of the stop-motion tradition for decades. So, naturally, The Great Rupert is actually a stop-motion animated squirrel, owned by Jimmy Conlin. Anyway, the movie is funny and cute, and has lots of fun Durante moments. I wish we had a better print of it! Between Durante, Terry Moore, Jimmy Conlin, an animated squirrel, some dude juggling five walnuts, and other George Pal effects (check out the fire scene), there's a lot to like in this forgotten movie.

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