Saturday, April 25, 2009

Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

Somehow, I am able to listen to the title track to this album over and over, on loop, and never get tired of it. I'm so glad David and Brian are still making music like this. I wonder what things I'll make at that age? It must be hard to make songs -- you have to really put yourself out there, and just accept the fact that you are going to seem silly sometimes. I got to see Brian speak at WDI once, back when Peggy Van Pelt (I miss you, Peggy) used to organize those wonderful IRC guest speakers. He gave me great confidence in, well, the "creative lifestyle", I guess. He told a story about working with David Bowie on an album that was going very badly -- everyone was very stressed, everything was behind schedule, and no one was happy with how it was going. They pulled out the old "oblique strategies" deck, and it told them, "take a break." They did -- just sent everyone home for two weeks, and then came back and tried again -- and everything was so much better.

I think I might need a Brian Eno in my life.

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