Friday, March 13, 2009

Race For Your Life, Charlie Brown!

I have such incredibly fond memories of this movie from when I was a child, that I was almost afraid to watch it again, thinking they would be spoiled. How exciting that I liked it just as much, and to find that it was almost exactly as I remembered it! One minor exception to that -- the waterbed scene I remembered as being much longer -- I told that to Nyra, and she said, "Me too!" I guess because it was so funny and engaging -- it sure made Emma laugh! Maybe in 2038, she'll watch it again, and remember the waterbed scene being longer, too...

This movie meant so much to me -- there was something about the kids going off on their own for this strange adventure that was so exciting to me when I was eight years old. And there was something about the closing credits, where Snoopy rides off into a psychedelic sunset on his motorcycle, that just made growing up seem so exciting -- and filled me with confidence that I could do it, and that it would be amazing and powerful. The memory of seeing it with my Mom in the Denville theater is burned into my mind -- for some reason, we were both dressed up, and we were watching the late movie -- we didn't get out until 11pm -- I can see my red Timex watch still, since I'd never stayed up that late. I wonder why we did that?

I noticed in the closing credits that Phil Roman (of Simpsons fame) was co-director! It seems to have been the first feature film he directed.

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