Friday, December 12, 2008

The Butterfly Effect

I have a weird compulsion that requires me to watch every time travel movie. I don't know why. I suspect that it has to do with actual time travel. Anyway, despite the gratuitous sex and violence, I was really pleased with this imaginative time travel concept... I've read and watched a lot of time travel stories, but this seems to be the first with the idea of "lifeline" time travel. I wonder if J. J. Abrams borrowed this idea for Lost, or came up it independently? Something in this story affected me deeply. Whatever my compulsion is about, this movie is part of that destiny.

I hear that Rudy Rucker, Daniel Clowes, Jack Black, and Michel Gondry are teaming up to make a film version of Master of Space and Time. It's like the whole world got together and said, "What would Jesse really like?"


  1. I love time travel in fiction, and this film is one of my favourites. Have you seen the Doctor Who episode Blink? It's a great story that actually uses time travel as a mechanic, rather than just being set in a different time period.

  2. I assume you've seen Primer? If not, I highly recommend it. It has a very "real geek" feel to it, and possibly the most interesting model for time travel I've ever seen. More of a mindjob than Fight Club, better time travel than Twelve Monkeys, more realistic geekery than Office Space.